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Spring 2020 Edition

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An Ode to Curt Flood

I am a warrior blasted and torn apart by a system so unjust it broke my heart

Major League Baseball lost our respect but Mr. Curt Flood handed it back!

Curtis Flood
Curtis Flood

So we salute our hero, Mr Flood, but baseball lost the hood

All professional athletes don't seem to even know his name

Now ain't that a shame?

THAT is why Major League Baseball lost its fame

Mr. Adam Wainwright, you can make this right...

Keep the torch of Curt Flood alight!

Curtis Charles Flood was an African American Major League center fielder who played 15 seasons for the Cinccinatti Redlegs, St. Louis Cardinals and Washington Senators. Flood became one of the pivotal figures in sport's labor history when he refused to accept following the 1969 season, ultimately appealing his case to the Supreme Court. Although his legal challenge was unsuccessful, it brought aout additional solidarity among players as they fought against baseball's Reserve Clause and sought free agency