Pain Eternal

Zack Lyde

Co-Founder/ Contributing Columnist

MAAFA Screams News Media

Spring 2020 Edition


We have worked and struggled for freedom for over 400 & one years and all we've gotten is cute, shallow, incremental, flash- in- the- pants, frivolous change. A step forward. Nine steps back. Short-term gain that leaves us in eternal pain. The termination of the Enslaved Era by President Abraham Lincoln with the announcement of his "Magic Freedom Bill"-- The Emancipation Proclamation, states that if one made it to Union lines their freedom would be granted.

portrait of a melting face, in oilsHow has that worked for us?

We celebrate that Promise/Hope/ Short-term gain which left us with Jim Crow, chain gangs and oppression. Over and over again-- short term gain that leaves us with an eternal pain; compromising & negotiating for progress that always ends in lynchings and terror.

Since our family Ahmaud Arbery has become a new victim of lynching, out of the wood work of our blues, our Negro leadership presents us with a NEW Compromise Bill that they tell us we can finally "count on" as being gain from pain.

Smile, stand before the cameras & get behind leadership! We present you with a Hate Crime Bill. This Bill will chill hate! This Bill will be great! Hate will flee from it, melting away at the seams because this Bill will make everyone free!

Eternal Pain.

Brothers and sisters, this feeble approach has never failed yet! That is why MAAFA Screams News reminds you of the 13th, 14th & 15th Amendments that were assumed as our gains! Oh yes! MAAFA Screams says to you:

  • Of the 13th Amendment we label it a con!

  • The 14th Amendment did NOT give us full citizenship

  • The 15th Amendment has so many loop holes that women STILL could not vote with voter suppression was its scheme.

Our Negro Leadership and allies of the oppressors always lead us down their crooked road of HOPE which served as distractions that forces us on their DOPE.

Eternal Pain.

Trust me, we know the truth and that is "no pain, no gain" and we are NOT falling for that again! Let me remind you of this: We have a Federal Hate Crime Bill, yet lynchings and terror is our constant state. We are saturated with hate so confusing that we remain caught in this constant trap. Gain so short with pain our constant shame! The Civil Rights Movement & the Voting Rights Act leaves us vulnerable to vigilantes that pack-- making the 2nd Amendment their friend and we, their declared FOE.

So, please, listen to MAAFA Screams News, run from more distractions that leaves us with the blues. Try MAAFA's running shoes! Today MAAFA Screams proclaims:

We ain't gonna follow nobody down this short-term gain traffic lane that leads to nowhere but eternal pain!

We are gonna speak for ourselves!

We are gonna act for ourselves!

We know that we can't believe that a Hate Crime Bill will break the Ku Klux Klan's will!

Not this Hate Crime Bill!

Every Bill you pass leaves us in the mess of the Past.

Slavery yesterday, slavery today and therefore slavery forever!

The Truth Hurts