A Charge to Keep

Annie Marie LeRoi

Co-Founder/ Editor-At-Large

MAAFA Screams News

Spring 2020 Edition

A charge to keep I have, a God to glorify, a never dying soul to save, and fit it for the sky. -Charles Wesley

These soul stirring words resound in my heart as if a Missionary Baptist Deacon tarrying at the altar on Sunday morning sings the tune with every remembrance of the lines. These words reverberate more when discovering a piece of forgotten history that my Elders recollect but has been bulldozed to serve as a now abandoned parking lot. Although these words arouse passion and dedication, I find that in my youth I have abandoned the TRUE call in many of my past efforts.

Octagon: a good soap for all uses
Octagon: a good soap for all uses

With this realization, it gives me great delight to be a part of MAAFA Screams and to welcome you to the beginning of the awareness of our charge tempered with courage, commitment & loyalty to fulfill our charge.

A charge to keep I have

MAAFA or the African Holocaust is a Kiswahili word that means terrible occurrence or great tragedy. Events such as the Arab Slave Trade or the Atlantic Slave Trade are directly correlated to the disenfranchisement of the present day Black community. Transgenerational trauma has infested our daily lives yet has remained ignored, leaving the community devoid of economic stimulus and intellectual development. It is throughout this blog and other media outlets that we strive to disrupt, disturb and dismantle all things contrary to the raising of our individual frequencies and social betterment.

A God to glorify

Although theorized and philosophized the only "God" that seems to be universal is Power and its only begotten son is Money. Many have raped, pillaged, lynched, and oppressed others in the name of this God-- forcing those who survived to suffer in silence. This God has allowed major highways to run down the center of once thriving communities, permitted chemical contamination of drinking water and upheld unlawful medical experimentations on the impoverished. This God is ever glorified even by those that are condemned by it.

A never dying soul to save, and fitted for the sky

Yet with all of these aforementioned atrocities, the Black soul continues to procreate, recreate and refuses to vanish. It is in this acknowledgement of resilience that causes me to stand unabashed in my confidence that through great effort, self realization and intellectual stimulation our hearts will no longer wait for death to enjoy Heaven. We will discontinue the trend to be ready for the Hereafter and take control of the Here Now.

It brings me extreme jubilance to welcome you to MAAFA Screams! Let us find the rhythm of the stroke.







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